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What does Civitan offer to you?

Triangle Luncheon Civitan offers you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, not just in the Triangle but across the state and the world!
Triangle Luncheon Civitan offers you the opportunity to develop and refine a broad range of leadership skills which will promote success in your business or professional career and in your personal life.
Triangle Luncheon Civitan presents program meetings which inform and educate members about a wide range of topics. Programs include presentations on environmental concerns, personal growth, social issues such as battered women and child abuse, and on local community events.
Community Service
Triangle Luncheon Civitan provides its members with numerous opportunities to contribute to our community, state, and nation through a variety of  “hands-on” projects and through financial contributions from our fund-raising.

About Triangle Luncheon 

Chartered September 25, 1979
Brief History
Triangle Luncheon Civitan was formed in 1979 to provide an opportunity for men and women in the Triangle to share in the Civitan commitment to personal growth, fellowship, and community service.
Triangle Luncheon Civitan Club dues are among the lowest offered by most civic organization—currently $80.00 per quarter. Dues cover luncheons at our twice monthly meetings.
Civitan International
Triangle Luncheon Civitan is one of over a thousand clubs throughout the nation and the world which is chartered through Civitan International. As a member of TLC, you have the opportunity to participate in Civitan events and projects on the local, area, district, and international levels.