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Triangle Luncheon Civitan Fund Raising Projects 

Annual Gala & Auction

Food, shopping and fun make for an exciting evening and a profitable fundraiser that helps supports our many contributions.
Claxton Fruit Cake Sale

A team of members delivers cake to the both private and chain grocery stores around Durham. This continues to be a good profit maker for TLC.
 Duke Women’s Basketball Concessions 

TLC is grateful to have the opportunity to work at the ladies’ games.  We sell concessions and meet delightful people while helping TLC make some money.

Italian Feast

Authentic Italian recipe sauce for spaghetti and the full fixings. An annual event that covers two days’ work but pulls the whole club together to make it a success year after year.  

Other Small Projects

Fund raising committee brainstorming and proposals to club.
TLC puts the FUN back into FUND-raising